Dear ER4 User,
For clients using this electronic delivery system (ER4) for microbiology results, some results will no longer be resulted
this way starting November 3 2019. Results that will no longer be delivered in this manner include cultures,
Chlamydia/Gonorrhea NAAT, and C. difficile testing done in the Edmonton Zone (UAH Microbiology/ProvLab North or
DynaLIFE or Fort McMurray). Results will instead be sent by fax, mail or eDelivery to your EMR depending
on your provider preferences. All results will be available in Netcare and EPIC/Connect Care. Separate
arrangements have been made for Medical Officers of Health, STI Services, and Environmental Public Health.
Delivery of all results from ER4 will stop completely for wave 6 of the Connect Care implementation timeline.
If alternate delivery options other than those listed above are needed, this can be addressed after
implementation November 3 2019 during optimization of Connect Care. Please contact us and your Connect Care
build team to make the appropriate arrangements.
Graham Tipples, PhD, FCCM, D(ABMM)
Medical / Scientific Director
Public Health
Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL)